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Some of Aaliyah’s Best Moments in Fashion

Trinity Jackson | Posted on December 17, 2019

Aaliyah was known for her beautiful voice, acting, and her awesome style. We lost this amazing artist in August of 2001, but her legacy will forever be remembered. She was truly great at everything she pursued, but I was always inspired most by her fashion sense. Here are some of my most favorite looks:

One In a Million: In a scene for her music video for the hit song “One In a Million,” Aaliyah wore a simple white t-shirt and her infamous baggy white pants. Aaliyah was known for her ability to switch from tomboy to chic at any time.

Red baseball jersey with matching baggy pants: Aaliyah wore an all-red outfit that consisted of a red baseball-style jersey; she left her jersey unbuttoned and paired it with a red crossed bralette, and finished the look with baggy red pants. Don’t forget the shades!

Romeo Must Die: Every Aaliyah fan recognizes this look from the film “Romeo Must Die.” Aaliyah was widely known for her famous hairstyle that consisted of a ponytail and side-bang. Her red lipstick ties with the all black and leather jacket look, which makes this look my most favorite.

Pigtails: In this look, Aaliyah, of course, paired her halter top and baggy pants, which we love. Her hairstyle stood out to me the most because the pigtails are so cute. I may try this hairstyle myself.

Fire-Red camouflage look: I absolutely love this look especially for the camouflage pants she wore. She made the look even better by pairing it with the black, netted top


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