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Something you might not always notice.

Recently I’ve observed that a lot of video games have really good music. Sure there’s almost always music in video games, but does anybody ever really notice it? I’ve noticed it on a few different occasions, and most of them come from the more sentimental parts of the games.

One I found that particularly stuck out to me was the “Memory” song in Super Paper Mario. I played this game once 2 or 3 years ago, then played it again about a year or so ago, mostly because the video game plot line follows a tragic love story between two characters, which I absolutely loved (call me gushy, whatever). This song was played during several flashbacks to the story between these two characters and the dialogue they had. It has a sort of dreamlike, reminiscent sound, along with a slow, echoing ticking in the background gives you the feeling that time is running out. This captures my attention immediately when these scenes occur.

Here’s a mashup of a few different versions of the song from the game:

Another song from a video game I love (along with the game) is “Fi’s Lament from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.” This song occurs near the end of the game when a character is feeling happy for the first time and is grateful for Link. This piece is very peaceful and mysterious to me and I love the beautiful simplicity of the piano. Check this one out here:

One final video is another sort of mashup of songs from another Zelda game, Ocarina of Time. These covers feature a lone piano cover of the title theme song, followed by a more jazzy-sounding version of “Saria’s Song,” another personal favorite of mine, and a very jazzy version of “Song of Storms.” These interesting takes on these songs also capture my attention as I recall playing this Zelda game.

So that’s my insight on that. And let me recommend this to you: the next time you play a video game, be sure to pay attention to the music!

What about you? Do you have a song from a video game you really like?




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