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#SpikeNSplash 2013


UIC Flames! Check out the third annual #SpikeNSplash on July 20th, 2013. Hosted by Jr. Celeb.

#SpikeNSplash (#SNS13)  is a beach party hosted every year by Jr. Celeb. During #SNS a volleyball and swimsuit competition takes place and winners take home a trophy. Many young professionals and talents come to #SNS to network as well as have fun.

Last years’ judges included: Lucci Vee, D. Gainz, Chella H and more.

This year #SNS is incorporating carnival like games as well.

Tune in to Tha Iceboxx Interview Series on UIC Radio tonight at 6pm to hear promoter Merk Murphy discuss all the fun #SpikeNSplash will be!


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