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Spotify; A Not So Review

For Christmas I received a Spotify gift card for a premium membership from my brother, not because he didn’t know what to get me or that he lacks creativity in gift-giving, but because I asked for one (even though both are true). Although I want to do a quick review on my experience, I want to get a nuance out of the way beforehand; It’s been a month and I still haven’t used my gift card. This is because Spotify did a promotion for the new year, which lowered the cost of membership for three months to $1, and so instead of using the gift card my brother got me for $3o I’ll be saving it until the membership for a dollar runs out…which is stupid that he had to spend that money. But now I get to listen to new music with zero commercials for a total of six months! Sorry little brother.


Now that you know not to subscribe to Spotify until after the holiday season, here are some general thoughts on my user experience:

The best thing about Spotify would probably be the playlists they make for various genres and in particular the new releases as well as the top charts playlists from different countries. It’s always great to hear what’s up and coming as well as what people are listening to on the other side of the globe. Another cool feature on Spotify is being able to click on an artist’s bio to not only read about them but also see where they’re getting their top plays from. Not incredibly necessary, but pretty neat nonetheless.

Things that sucks about Spotify premium are the things that really suck about Spotify. Although I get that you can only download music when you’ve got internet connection so you can listen when you’re offline, I hate that I’m only able to download full albums or playlists but not individual songs. I’m sure there’s a way around it, probably just by making your own playlist and downloading it, but it seems like Spotify could create an easier, less annoying, way to do this. Also, and I’m not sure if it’s because of my recently purchased iPhone 7 that I still may not know how to use properly, but when my phone is in my pocket and I make any abrupt movement, the song will change or skip over. Again, this may not be Spotify’s fault, but while I’m sitting here complaining I might as well let every frustration out.

And so, here’s to ranting and covering it up as a “review”. Cheers.



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