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  • Margarita Mejia

Spring Awakening and Wellness (Thumbtack)

Top notes:



Middle notes:

Cinnamon, sage

Base notes:

Vanilla, Chestnut

The last stretch of the semester can feel a little claustrophobic. The rush of getting things done and every day feeling almost the same can get me through a rut, but I thought to write about activities and objects that help me go through intense times. 

First and foremost, walking to a bookstore or coffee shop simply always does the trick to clear the mind. An author I can’t stop recommending is Marcy Dermansky. Do check her out if you’re not into lengthy and dense novels.

I usually ride my bike in the mornings on weekends when I find the time. If accessible, I recommend going to visit a forest preserve with music in your ears that leaves you feeling optimistic for the rest of your day. This is a sweet alternative if you’re not keen on long walks. 

Reorganizing and decluttering my room has always been a therapeutic activity (sometimes necessary even) that I find doing every so often. I do believe in the notion that your room looks like what your mind does on the inside. These two seem to align. This activity doesn’t have to be a seasonal thing, either. If I’m feeling jittery or need to do something with my hands and can’t sit still, physically moving/changing the look of my space does the trick. 

I’ve been rotating fruit choices for snacks. One day, it’s berries, another, a simple banana. Growing up, my dad used to serve me his freshly cut fruit salad in a bowl drizzled in honey as his form of affection. I’ve grown to make myself fruit salad when I’m bored and want more than just one fruit, and it’s like a party in my mouth. I think fruits are the best thing to exist on earth.

My partner got me into smelling fragrances and using samples. I thought of starting each of my blogs with a random curated fragrance of different notes. The sense of smell is often overlooked, as we usually hear, see, and taste things more than anything. I find savoring a moment of a fragrance sample quite soothing. I love scents that are warm and musky yet inviting. 


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