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Spring time happiness!

“Hey, let’s hang out in the quad.” “Let’s do it! I haven’t hung out there since last semester!”

That’s right, the weather is finally starting to look amazing for us in Chicago.

Birds are chirping. Yup, it was a magical and wonderful sound to hear.

It’s finally spring! I mean after this long and crazy winter who would ever thought even the news decides to talk about this beautiful weather we are having in Chicago.

70 degrees.

It was pretty great because I got to study on top of the Behavioral Sciences Building and got to take cool pictures like this…

2014-04-12 16.33.58

With this view, I don’t think anyone would mind studying 😉

For some reason I felt like I should blog about this, because I’ve noticed that once the sun started shining and seeing kids around campus without a jacket, everyone just seemed a bit happier.

Not going to lie, but I was pretty happy too. It seems like everyone was just in a great mood when the weather was absolutely amazing outside.

I was talking with a few people yesterday and even though a majority of them had exams or something to study for, they told me that they did not mind studying in the gorgeous weather. Everyone was just so happy!

Isn’t it great?

How are you feeling about this weather?



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