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Steve Harvey..You Have Some Explaining To Do

Last week we all watched the Miss Universe pageant and we watched all the beautiful women from all over the world wear their gowns for the title of Miss Universe 2015. Finally it was at the bottom two contestants, Miss Columbia and Miss Philippines, we were on the edge of our seats awaiting the announcement of the winner. Host Steve Harvey look at his card and announced the winner “Miss Universe 2015 is…..Miss Columbia!” Everyone was going crazy, Miss Columbia proudly wore her crown and was waving to the crowd, when suddenly Steve Harvey had something else to say..”I have to apologize.” Is this a joke?


Steve Harvey announced that Miss Columbia was Miss Universe 2015, but apparently at the worst time ever he actually read the card with the winner’s name and realized that Miss Columbia was runner up and the winner was Miss Philippines. I was in shock, how could you miss that? He admitted it was his fault he read the card wrong and that was nice of him to take the heat but the person I was most concerned about was Miss Columbia. She was so happy and looked so beautiful with that crown, think about it, within a span of 10 minutes she had the best and worst day of her life.

That night shocked everyone all over the world, if you didn’t actually watch the program, you heard about it on social media right after. The internet was overflowing with memes of Steve Harvey, I have to admit some of them were pretty funny even though I feel bad, I couldn’t help but laugh about it. Hopefully he’s able to laugh about it now. Next year, I hope they won’t make the same mistake again.

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