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Summer Festival Anxiety

To kick off the summer/spring fest lineup announcements, we recently discovered Spring Awakening’s artists for this year.  Summer lineup releases are exciting, but some of us have contradicting feelings of dismay upon discovering that we like the lineups for multiple festivals. There are too many Chicago summer fests and it’s unlikely that most people are able to attend every one they like.  It seems like every year, Chicago hosts more and more weekend-long festivals. Some of us have jobs, important expenses, and simply not enough energy to go hard for three days in a row during multiple weekends. Because of the overwhelming amount of festivals scheduled, lineups cause “broke college kids” stress as we try to budget our winter break savings for our favorite shows and try to decide which ones are worth calling off work for (not only the day(s) of, but also the day after). I think everyone would be happier if Chicago had only a few festivals, but who knows how many more are to come in the future. My suggestion: Save time, money, and energy by skipping the festivals and just go straight to your favorite artists’ after party shows at night.


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