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  • Veronica Trax

Summer Walker, First Artist to Release Sped-Up Album

Summer Walker’s album Last Day of Summer was released four years ago, in 2018. Last Day of Summer was Summer’s big break in the music industry. This album got her noticed by major artists like Drake, whom, after the album gained attention, was featured on a remix of “Girls Need Love.” “Girls Need Love (feat. Drake)” was the most successful song on this album and is Summer’s most streamed song on Spotify, with 389,173,712 plays. Since Last Day of Summer, Summer has come out with more albums and collaborated with many well known artists and producers such as London On Da Track, SZA, Cardi B, 21 Savage, Justin Bieber, Ari Lennox, The Weekend, Sam Smith and Usher. This 2018 album is still a hit, but, surprisingly, on Halloween this year Summer released a new version for the albums 4 year anniversary. This release was unlike anything seen before… it was a sped up version of the whole album.

Personally, Last Day of Summer is one of my favorite albums and I know each song by heart. When I first saw that the anniversary release was a sped up version of each song I was like “WHAT!” I was skeptical at first, but once I listened oh-my-gosh it sounded incredible! The sped up version was exciting and turned her beautiful, calm songs into songs you want to go out and dance to. This sped up album sounds more upbeat and alters Summers voice to a higher pitch, but not too high of a pitch. The new version even made me enjoy some songs more than the original. “Karma,” “Prayed Up,” “I’m There” and “BP” are some of the songs I think actually sound better sped up. I highly recommend giving this new album a listen! It would be perfect in a party setting, a friend gathering, doing homework, working out, etc.

I believe Summer Walker just opened a new trend that will influence a new category that artists will be putting on their discographies. I love how Summer took a master piece and turned it into another masterpiece. The sped up version is the same album as the original, yet so different. I will continue to stay a loyal fan to Summer because every release from her is something unique and creative. This release was something I didn’t know I needed! Here is my favorite sped up song: CPR


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