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Take My Hand, Darling

Take my hand, darling.

Let us dance to our song.

I remember the first time we heard it

As if it was yesterday.

The ballroom full of people.

Orchestral music on the record player.

A marvelous melody.

I reach out my hand and ask you to dance.

You smile the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

You take my hand, and we waltz around the room.

I knew then that I wanted to spend my life with you.

I play the song on our dusty, antique record player.

You laugh and say, “You still remember that old tune?”

“As if it was yesterday.”

You take my hand, just like back then.

And we step from side to side, swaying to the familiar melody.

“Darling, let us dance to our song,”

You say.

“Which one?”

“The one that played when we first met.”

You turn the song on, an eager yet doubtful look in your eyes.

“I don’t think I’ve heard this before.”

“Are you sure? None of it rings a bell?”

I rack my brain for something, anything. What song? 

“I’m sure.”

A tear rolls down your cheek.

“Remember, honey? The ballroom? The dancing?”

“I’m too old for dancing anyway.”

In a hospital bed.

Tall figures surround me.

I want to say something but can’t.

I wouldn’t be able to form the words.

“Please… take my hand, darling,”

Someone says.

There’s loud weeping.

Screeching? No. Wailing?

I’m not sure anymore.

The noise stops.

For a second, everything’s clear.

I look at you besides me.

Even when your face is wet with tears,

You smile the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

I smile.

I try to reach my hand out,

But it stays bound to my side.

The ballroom and waltzing around the room.

It all comes back.

A memory I haven’t known in years.

I wish we could dance to our song

Just one more time.

Everything fades away once again.


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