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Tchaikovsky Meets Chicago : On The Grid

A timeless winter classic has been adapted to a familiar scene. Joffrey Ballet's The Nutcracker is a wonderful adaptation of the familiar ballet titled The Nutcracker. With a live orchestra, amazing stage props, and magnificent ballerinas, they make this story come to life. The story is set in 1893 at the Chicago World's Fair, where a young girl named Marie is gifted a nutcracker and travels into an enchanting, fantastical world.

After having the chance to view it in person at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, it really was a magical sight to see. For a 2-hour-long show, it did not feel that long. Being transported into a world where the proportions change in front of your eyes is amazing. There is a really beautiful scene where the stage transforms into the inside of a house, as if you're looking into it, mere seconds before you were looking at the facade of the humble home. The beautiful set is something that you'll be amazed at for days to come.

Even if ballet or classical music is not your favorite or seems boring to you this ballet will change your mind. The beautiful rendition, the way you can see the city's beautiful skyline with the iconic Ferris wheel, and a story that is set in the past of the place you're currently watching the ballet from really help make a connection with the audience.


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