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The Best Female Indie-Pop Artists You Should Listen to Right Now

The indie-pop genre just keeps on growing – and so does its audience. But, sometimes I feel like a lot of amazing indie-pop singers only have a few hits that people know, so a lot of great songs and artists just aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. Therefore, here are some of my personal favorite female indie-pop singers that you definitely need to add to your playlists.

  1. Maggie Rogers

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Maggie Rogers is a singer-songwriter who made her big break when her song “Alaska” was played to producer Pharrell Williams. Her style has elements of folk and pop sounds, and her songs are incredibly lyric-based. Fans love her honest and raw qualities, both in her music and in her personality. 

Essential Tracks:

  1. “Alaska”

  2. “Light On”

  3. Clairo

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Claire Cottrill, otherwise known as Clairo, gained popularity from her bedroom-pop songs like “Pretty Girl” that were posted to YouTube. Since then, she has put out her debut album Immunity. It still definitely has the bedroom-pop sound, but her musical style has clearly matured since her early singles. In my opinion, the songs on her new album are what really make her stand out as an artist.

Essential Tracks:

  1. “Bags”

  2. “Sofia”

  3. Mitski

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Mitski is a Japanese-American singer who produces indie-pop songs that fans undoubtedly connect to very strongly. Specifically, Mitski’s fifth album, Be The Cowboy, resonated with fans because of how deeply personal the lyrics are. She broke out into the indie crowd a while back, but her songs still incorporate elements of pop-punk and folk. 

Essential Tracks:

  1. “Francis Forever”

  2. “First Love / Late Spring”

  3. Soccer Mommy

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Sophie Allison, who goes by the stage name Soccer Mommy, makes indie-pop songs about heartbreak and loneliness. But her style totally counteracts this by incorporating upbeat and refreshing beats into her songs. This is due to her alternative-rock influences with really shine through all of her three albums. 

Essential Tracks

  1. “circle the drain”

  2. “Scorpio Rising”

  3. Litany

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Beth Cornell, who goes by the stage name Litany, is from Harrogate, England. She makes music that is both effortless and lyrically deep. As of recently, her music has risen in popularity in the indie crowd. She is influenced by artists such as Robyn and Metronomy. 

Essential Tracks

  1. “My Dude”

  2. “Single Player Mode”

  3. Maisie Peters

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UK-based artists Maisie Peters is a new indie-pop artist that has put out both acoustic and traditional pop-sounding tunes. Her songs are relatable and catchy, yet well written in terms of music and lyrics. Her musical career began when she put out a YouTube video of one of her original songs in 2015.

Essential Tracks

  1. “Details”

  2. “April Showers”

  3. BENEE

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New Zealander Stella Bennett, who goes by the stage name BENEE, makes indie-pop songs that definitely stand out against other artists. She makes upbeat and catchy tunes that you won’t be able to get out of your head. Her approach to music is something we haven’t really seen before, and she is definitely someone everyone needs to check out.

Essential Tracks

  1. “Glitter”

  2. “Wishful Thinking”

  3. Beabadoobee

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Beabadoobee, whose real name is Beatrice Kristi Laus, is a Filipino-British singer-songwriter who puts out a wide array of music. Her songs range from bedroom pop to acoustic to upbeat traditional pop songs. But, she is most known for her lo-fi folky sounding songs like “Coffee,” which gained a lot of popularity within the past couple of years.

Essential Tracks

  1. “Apple Cider”

  2. “If You Want To”

  3. Maude Latour

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Maude Latour is a New York based indie-pop singer-songwriter who creates songs that have upbeat and catchy beats. She got into songwriting from the poems and stories she wrote when she was in high school which she turned into songs. On her website’s bio, she claims that she creates “cooler pop, with like rock-ish, jazz-ish, electro-ish kind of vibez.”

Essential Tracks:

  1. “Starsick”

  2. “Superfruit”

  3. Mxmtoon

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Last but definitely not least (she is probably my favorite artist on this list) we have mxmtoon. Even though we already have an abundance of ukulele-playing singers out there, mxmtoon stands out from all of them with her incredibly well-written songs and unmatchable style. Her deeply personal lyrics and stripped-down vocals easily make her one of the best artists in this era of indie-pop, in my opinion.

Essential Tracks:

  1. “fever dream”

  2. “blame game”


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