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The Best Nights Of Our Lives

The term seems very thrown around nowadays, I have had many “best days of my life” but can never pinpoint just one. However, the night I saw Simple plan for the first time came close. For those that don’t automatically have flashbacks to when they were in their teenage years jamming to Simple Plan, they’re a band formed in Quebec, Canada in the late 90’s. Simple plan is made up of 5 members: Pierre (vocals), David (bass), Sebastien (guitar), Chuck (drums) and Jeff (guitar).

For those that did listen to them growing up: you’re awesome, let’s be friends! After being a fan for almost ten years I finally got the chance to see them live this past Sunday at the House of Blues. Hours before the concert began the line outside of the venue stretched past the LaSalle bridge. As I walked past countless of fans waiting in line I was expecting to see a lot of young fans but was surprised to see nothing but people in their early and late 20’s. I don’t think I ever realized that Simple plan had such an impact on so many of us growing up.


The band’s energy on stage vibrated throughout the venue. They’ve been a band with the same five members for about 15 years now, so it wasn’t surprising to see how well they play together. One guitarist moves to the other end of the stage and the second one takes his place on the other side. I sang every song at the top of my lungs, losing my voice by the end of the night, my feet ached half way through their set. I had been standing for hours lined up, waiting and dancing while the two bands that were opening, Story Untold and Hit the Lights played for us. But I ignored the pain my feet were in (I should have worn comfortable shoes) because I wanted to take the whole experience in, I wanted to take in every band member’s talents in. The hardcore passion in Chucks drumming, Jeff’s focus on the guitar, Sebastien’s easy-going guitar playing on every song, David’s energy and his love for his bass, Pierre’s vocals and energy as well. Overall the ways all the band members interacted with the crowd were amazing.

I’m sure I speak for a lot of Simple Plan fans when I say the reason we fell in love with their music was because they sang and yelled what we felt. I always felt like the members of Simple Plan were all in the positions we were in growing up, they had the same emotions, anger and passion. Being judged for being yourself, or being put down for what you liked and how you expressed yourself. Through their music we shared the same feelings and thoughts we had towards school, parents, friends, our first crush, and our first girlfriend/boyfriend that we didn’t know how to express. That is the beauty of not just Simple Plan, but of music in general.

Watching them on stage for the first time made me love them even more, which I didn’t know was possible. Watching them sing and perform the songs I had sung by myself all those years growing up was what made this the best night of my life. To my surprise I still remembered every song word for word from their first two albums.

I wrote most of this after I got home from the concert, I want everyone to feel how amazing I feel at concerts and afterwards. Seeing the artist and listening to the music you love live is a special experience. I’ve felt this love, vibe and energy a few times in my 19 years. First with Green Day when I was 11, then when I was 18 with Kid Cudi and J.Cole and now at 19 with Simple Plan.

From so many current teenagers who just discovered this amazing band and have become fans, from kids who aren’t kids anymore but owe this band a debt of gratitude because they helped them survive their teenage years, THANK YOU once again. Thank you for being there, for understanding, thank you for being Pierre, David, Sebastien, Jeff and Chuck. Thank you for being Simple Plan.

Leave a comment below about a band, or artist that was a big part of your life growing up!


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