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The Brothers StarRace – “Beautiful” & “Glory & Jewels”

The Brothers StarRace is a local band in Chicago. They define their music as Rock/Minority Rock. They will be participating in UIC Radio’s first ever Battle of The Bands March 19th. I’m looking forward to that.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting up with the lead singer Richard Juarez aka SwitchHard StarRace. I had a fun interview with him about the band and several other things. I’m working on putting that on to a post and should be up soon for anyone who wants a little more inside information on this group.

For now I just wanted to put up two of their most recent music videos so you could get an idea of their sound and hopefully build some interest in them. Both of these videos were recorded in Rax Trax. Bands like Smashing Pumpkins and The Plain White T’s have worked in that same studio. The songs are titled Beautiful and Glory & Jewels. Both are really enjoyable songs.

They will also have a free show coming up March 12th at Schubas on the north side of Chicago. Brigade, another group that will be at our battle of the bands, will also be performing there that night. It’s a great chance to check out both groups for free.




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