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The Color Purple

Briana Ross-Williams | Posted on October 28, 2019

The Color Purple is now playing in the Drury Lane Theatre till November 3rd. It features the talents of Eben K. Logan, Sydney Charles, and Nicole Michelle Haskins, all of whom are seasoned actresses and vocalists. The musical draws from both the award-winning 1982 novel of the same name, written by Alice Walker and the 1985 film directed by Steven Spielberg, also under the same name. My Mom and I had the chance to see it this past weekend and we were both very pleased.


Photo by Angela Ross

“You may kill me with your hatefulness but still like air I’ll rise.” This quote from Maya Angelou best embodies the direction of the musical. Celie, the main protagonist who is played by Eben K. Logan, is a young Black girl forced to go through years of hardships including sexual and physical abuse. Yet she remains resilient throughout her difficult journey, only saddened by the disappearance of her sister Nettie and her two missing children. Slowly, her life begins to turn around as she learns more about herself. She falls in love with another woman and comes to light with her sexuality. She finds purpose by running her own clothing business. She realizes that, upon being reunited, Nettie and her two children are her happiness. At the beginning Celie was beaten down verbally and physically but, in the end, she rose above all those who had hurt her.

The Color Purple tackles homosexuality, rape, marital abuse, racism, and many other difficult topics that are hardly ever spoken about in the Black community. As a result, the audience is informed of the struggles that some Black women go through and these struggles are given representation. This play also acts as a motivational piece telling audiences to triumph over adversity.

Experience The Color Purple at Drury Lane Theater by purchasing tickets here.



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