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The Confessions Of A Former Reality TV Addict


Undeniably, reality television has become one of the most prominent forms of television in today’s  “reality” obsessed world. In the beginning, reality television was filled with competition shows that showcased the talents of those wanting to follow their dreams. Unfortunately, in the new era of television, reality television has turned into a battle of who can showcase the most dysfunctional, outrageous, and controversial characters with their overly heightened drama.

Anyone who says that they have not watched a single reality show in their lifetime is probably lying or too busy watching nightly “Full House” marathons to bother. Today, it’s  particularly difficult to flip through the channels without jumping past Honey Boo Boo slurping down a plate of sketti or desperate single women vying for the affection of a seemingly ideal bachelor. With that being said what is so fascinating about watching the Kardashians bicker because one of them forgot to return the others pair of Christian Louboutins? That is a question that most avid watchers struggle to answer to this day.

Unfortunately, I must admit that I was once enthralled by the world of trashy reality television. If there was drink slinging and hair pulling, I was glued to the television every week. My DVR was full of episodes of “Bad Girls Club”, Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, and even the oddly entertaining “Real Housewives” franchises. I spent more time talking about the happenings of these shows with my friends each week than I did sharing information about my own life.

It was not until I enrolled into college that I realized that these shows were merely distractions from my own reality.  The time had come for me to spend more time networking and creating my own American dream than spending hours on end watching other people live theirs. Fortunately, today,  I can proudly say that I do not watch a single reality television show. There are far more fulfilling things to do in world than watch reality stars and their ridiculous drama. Now, if only the rest of the world would have this same epiphany.

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