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The Daily Blend’s April Top Ten 2018

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Wassuppppppppp everyone! IT’S FINALLY NICE OUTSIDE, WHAT A CONCEPT! I am so excited that it is finally warm and also that new good music is being released! This month’s edition of my music library is full of new releases, both released this month and this year. Keep reading if you’re wondering if certain albums made it on the list. Also, PS, sorry for this being later than I usually do this blog; not only has April been a good month for new music, but also it has been the busiest month of my entire year.

With everything that is played on my show, you all probably think I have way too much happening in the skull area of my body. So, I want to give everyone a little insight as to what’s going on in my brain, without having to look at the “Recently Played” section on my Spotify. The solution I came to was to tell everyone about the hidden (and not so hidden) gems in my music library for the month. Some of the music I post will be at the top of charts, some of the music won’t be your style, some will be a band’s biggest hit that I’ve just been happening to listen to a lot, and some will be completely unknown to you!

So, to start it off, here’s just a couple of my favorite artists for April, a little bit about them, and some song suggestions:

  1. The Glitch Mob (Electronic/Dubstep)

I can literally sense my blog being hacked as I type this. I promise, The Glitch Mob’s name is no joke; take their name seriously! Their songs have some of the best beats, and it’s made even cooler by adding weird glitching (is that even the right word?) sound effects into the songs. Honestly, all month I’ve been rocking out to these guys, and I suggest you do the same. There’s a reason that something from them is number one on everything this month…

Song suggestions: “Bad Wings,” “Animus Vox,” “Carry the Sun”

  1. Breaking Benjamin (Rock)

So, my faves released a new album this month, AND I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVED THEM!! After listening to it right after it came out, I regained my love for Breaking Benjamin, which I really needed, because they’re honestly one of my favorite bands. PLEASE LISTEN TO THEIR NEW ALBUM!! Also, disclaimer, not all of their song titles start with “D,” I just really like the three songs below, and the song down below on the “Top Songs” list. 🙂

Song suggestions: “Down,” “Dance with the Devil,” “Defeated”

  1. Escape the Fate (Rock)

Fun fact: these guys were one of the first bands I ever saw live like 43789234 years ago, like I think they were second or third. But in other news, they just dropped a new album at the very end of last month, and, of course, being me, I didn’t listen to it until like two weeks after it was released. When I finally listened to it, MAN WAS IT GOOD! The new album merges pop and rock to create an amazing, cohesive album. Go check it out!

Song suggestions: “Live Fast, Die Beautiful,” “Alive,” “It’s Just Me”

  1. Cardi B (Hip Hop/Rap)

Y’ALL KNOW I COULDN’T FORGET MY GIRL CARDI AFTER SHE RELEASED HER ALBUM THIS MONTH!! I am more than ecstatic to say that Cardi’s debut album is finally out, and it is SO good! Every single track is 100% her and I’m living for it. If you haven’t listened to her album yet, I definitely recommend it. And when you listen to it, listen to it beginning to end with no interruptions, it’s a beautiful thing.

Song suggestions: “Ring (feat. Kehlani),” “Money Bag,” “Thru Your Phone”

  1. New Years Day (Rock)

I’ve said it a thousand times before, and I’ll say it again: not exactly a huge fan of female artists/bands. Of course, though, there’s exceptions, and this band is definitely one of them. I knew about this band for a while before I actually started listening to them, like LISTENING listening to them, and I’m so happy I finally gave them a chance! Some of my favorite songs come from this band so give them a listen!

Song suggestions: “Relentless,” “Alone,” “Left Inside”

  1. Adventure Club (Electronic)

Let’s go on an Adventure (Club)! But seriously, this is an electronic duo from Canada that makes some real good electronic music. I found their original music through a remix that they did, and I fell in love (for anyone wondering, the remix is of Crave by Flight Facilities). If you’re not into electronic music, then ignore this, but otherwise go check them out!

Song suggestions: “Wonder (feat. The Kite String Tangle),” “Without You (feat. Hunter Siegel),” “Ghosts”

  1. Ghost (Heavy Metal)

I promise that this band is nothing like you’ve seen or heard before. Firstly, no one knows who they are (*at least that’s what I’m going to pretend for now, because drama happened a couple months ago and their identities were revealed, but I’m going to ignore that*). This is a band full of anonymous musicians playing on stage in costumes under nameless aliases. It’s amazing. Secondly, their music is extremely unique, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. Do some research if you’re intrigued.

Song suggestions: “Square Hammer,” “Absolution,” “Cirice”

  1. Seven Lions (Electronic)

Yet another electronic artist that I found through a remix.  This remix that he did was honestly amazing and I’m so happy that opened the door to this amazing musician. Of course, electronic music isn’t always everybody’s cup of tea, but if it is, then go check out some of his stuff! 10/10 would recommend. [thumbsupemoji]

Song suggestions: “Slow Dive,” “Cold Hearted,” “Strangers”

  1. Shinedown (Rock)

The return of Shinedown is upon us, my lovely 30 readers of this blog. I’ve been using Shinedown’s music A LOT lately for running and working out because it turns out that their songs are a really good tempo for that! Plus, they’ve been releasing new music lately, so why not?? You all know how much I love Shinedown, hopefully you’ve already listened to them by now. 🙂

Song suggestions: “Outcast,” “If You Only Knew,” “45”

  1. Nothing 🙁

Yeah…… I don’t have a last suggestion because I’m lame and don’t listen to music enough apparently. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now we go on to the top tracks of April:

  1. “Our Demons (feat. Aja Volkman),” – The Glitch Mob (Love Death Immortality, 2014)

  2. “The Dark of You,” – Breaking Benjamin (Ember, 2018)

  3. “Broken Heart,” – Escape the Fate (I Am Human, 2018)

  4. “Rats,” – Ghost (Rats – Single, 2018)

  5. “When It’s All Over,” – RAIGN (When It’s All Over – EP, 2016)

  6. “The Power of Love,” – Gabrielle Aplin (English Rain, 2013)

  7. “Stay Up Late,” – This Wild Life (Clouded (Atmosphere Edition), 2015)

  8. “Bizarre Love Triangle,” – New Years Day (Diary of a Creep – EP, 2018)

  9. “Fade (feat. Zak Waters),” – Adventure Club (Red // Blue, 2016)

  10. “Find Your Love,” – Drake (Thank Me Later, 2010)

Aaaaaaand finally, the killer albums of April:

  1. “Drink the Sea,” – The Glitch Mob (2010)

  2. “Ember,” – Breaking Benjamin (2018)

  3. “Invasion of Privacy,” – Cardi B (2018)

  4. “Ungrateful,” – Escape the Fate (2013)

  5. “Diary of a Creep – EP,” – New Years Day (2018)

  6. “Red // Blue,” – Adventure Club (2016)

  7. “Threat to Survival,” – Shinedown (2015)

  8. “Where I Won’t Be Found,” – Seven Lions (2017)

  9. “Good Morning Revival,” – Good Charlotte (2007)

  10. “New Year,” – New House (2018)

With all of that being said, if you have something you think is “Top Ten” quality, follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter and shoot me a message! I’d love to take requests, and if I love the artist/album/song enough, it just might make it on my list!

Instagram: samanthaxoxo___ (that’s 3 underscores :D)

Twitter: samanthacxoxo_

See ya next month!


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