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The Daily Blend’s February Top Ten 2019

Posted on March 04, 2019

Hello friends and welcome to yet another installment of the blog that showcases my terrible music taste! Disclaimer: I’d like to apologize for this month’s recommendations because if you read further, you’ll see a pattern! As you all should know by now, I try and keep my blogs as diverse as possible (both in genres and release dates) with a little something for everyone, but this month it’s basically all pop/indie music that has been released this past month/these past couple months!! Sooooooooo it’s all very similar BUT I PROMISE THESE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE HONEST AND ALL OF THE MUSIC IS GOOD, SO DON’T COUNT ME OUT JUST YET! Now back to our regularly scheduled intro…

The Daily Blend’s February Top Ten 2019

With everything that is played on my show, you all probably think I have way too much happening in the skull area of my body. So, I want to give everyone a little insight as to what’s going on in my brain, without having to look at the “Recently Played” section on my Spotify. The solution I came to was to tell everyone about the hidden (and not so hidden) gems in my music library for the month. Some of the music I post will be at the top of charts, some of the music won’t be your style, some will be a band’s biggest hit that I’ve just been happening to listen to a lot, and some will be completely unknown to you!

So, to start it off, here’s just a couple of my favorite artists for February, a little bit about them, and some song suggestions:

1. Set It Off (Rock)

This is about to be the longest bio I’ve ever written. Oh my GOD, I love Set It Off. I don’t know if they’ve been on my blog before, but WOW IF THEY HAVEN’T THEN Y’ALL ARE IN FOR A TREAT! I’ve liked SIO for a couple years now, and I’ve even been a bystander during their sets at festivals, but I’ve never been a huge fan. That changed in this month. They released their first album in three years at the beginning of the month and I have been OBSESSED!!! I also just saw them live with a friend of mine at the end of the month and that truly was the best concert I have ever been to IN MY LIFE. And I’ve been to a lot of concerts. Hands down the most underrated band in the music industry and I love them dearly, like almost to the point where I think they’re one of my favorite bands of all time. Please give them a listen!!

Song suggestions: “Midnight Thoughts,” “Hypnotized,” “Duality”

2. Ariana Grande (Pop)

Y’all KNOW I couldn’t leave the newly crowned Queen/Princess/Goddess of Pop off of my blog for this month! In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, Ariana Grande just released a new album on February 8th, only months after releasing her last album. Now as I’ve said a thousand times, I’m not a fan of female voices typically, and I’ve never really been a huge fan of Ari. But let me tell you, this album just changed my life and my entire perspective on her talents and what she can do as an artist. If you haven’t listened to it, do yourself a favor and douse yourself in greatness. (PS- sorry all of the song recs are from the new album, all the songs are just so good and I had to include them somehow!)

Song suggestions: “bad idea,” “bloodline,” “7 rings”


Thank youuuuuu Spotify! Like seriously, that’s how I found this band. As you all may or may not know, Spotify has a New Music Friday playlist that gets updated with new music every Friday, and recently I’ve made it a habit to listen to it weekly. The first New Music Friday of the month had BETWEEN FRIENDS on it and I fell in love. They’re a brother and sister duo that apparently was on America’s Got Talent a couple years back, and let me tell you: they definitely have talent. Their music is almost like a dreamy pop/indie sound and I really, really love it. If you’re a fan of that kind of music, I definitely recommend this band!

Song suggestions: “affection,” “suburban wonderland,” “better friends”

4. 12AM (Pop)

If y’all like sad pop, then this guy is DEFINITELY for you. 12AM is a solo artist from Canada who makes such calming music. As he describes it, it’s “music you play after midnight,” hence the stage-name 12AM. His music is definitely pop with hip hop influences, but it’s such a good mix. He’s got a bunch of songs out and even has an EP called “Afterparty” that was released in 2017. There’s a wide range of music for people of all musical preferences, so go give him a chance and enjoy his fantastic music!

Song suggestions: “The Woods,” “No Good 4 U,” “Save Me”

5. Mason Murphy (Indie)

HI, EVERYONE, THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE UNKNOWN ARTIST!! I also found this gem on the New Music Friday playlist (Spotify really came through this month) and fell in love right away. He only has a couple songs out but the six songs that are out are terrific! It’s very pop-influenced but the music also has beautiful vocals and guitar, so it’s a very nice blend that sounds great. Give his music a chance!

Song suggestions: “Basement,” “The Hardest Part,” “No Apologies”


These guys are phenomenal. iDKHOW is a side project turned full-time duo consisting of Dallon Weekes (ex-Panic! At The Disco) and Ryan Seaman (ex-Falling in Reverse) and they make some pretty amazing music. I also had the chance to interview them during a recent trip that they took to Chicago (look out for that blog coming out very soon!), which I am SO thankful for. Their music is so fantastic and incredibly unique and I definitely recommend them to everyone, regardless of what music you typically listen to!

Song suggestions: “Bleed Magic,” “Social Climb,” “Modern Day Cain”

7. XYLØ (Pop)

I don’t have much to say about XYLØ. They’re a duo that makes pop-influenced music, although you can definitely tell there are other influences in the music. I found them originally through a TV show that had one of their songs playing in the background, but recently they’ve been on the New Music Friday playlists so I’ve been listening to them a little more than normal. But they have such good music and I think everyone should give them a listen!

Song suggestions: “Nothing Left to Say,” “Afterlife,” “Fireworks”

8. Adam Lambert (Pop Rock)

Adam Lambert, AKA American Idol’s best runner-up. Seriously, he is SO talented! I forgot about him until he released a new song this month and I remembered that he existed. I then spent the next three hours of my life binge-listening to all of his music and remembering that he literally is the best singer of this generation. For those that forgot who he was, or only know him as the guy who sings with Queen, I suggest you listen to his solo stuff because it is FANTASTIC!

Song suggestions: “If I Had You,” “Feel Something,” “Ghost Town”

9. Badflower (Rock)

I’m not the biggest Badflower fan to be completely honest with everyone. HOWEVER, a couple of my very close friends really like them so I know a couple songs. Badflower just released a new album at the end of February though so I thought that I’d give it a chance. I don’t like the album that much, but it’s pretty decent. If you’re into that kind of stuff then I definitely recommend it, but I also think that there’s better music out there and even better music that they’ve written. Go make your own opinion, though!

Song suggestions: “Wide Eyes,” “Animal,” “The Jester”

10. Dayshell (Rock)

One of the world’s most underrated bands FOR SURE! Created by ex-Of Mice & Men singer Shayley Bourget, Dayshell started off really strong a couple years ago with a great record label and a fantastic debut album, but over the past couple years they have become unsigned and haven’t released an album in almost four years. Shayley has been working SO hard to get new music out and is currently writing, recording, and producing all of his own music. He just released the first of the new songs that he has ready for a new album and it is FANTASTIC! I’m really looking forward to hearing his new music come out.

Song suggestions: “Avatar,” “Low Light,” “When You Fall Asleep Tonight”

Now we go on to the top tracks of February:

  1. “Can’t Love,” – 12AM (Can’t Love – Single, 2019)

  2. “in my head,” – Ariana Grande (thank u, next, 2019)

  3. “Dancing With The Devil,” – Set It Off (Midnight, 2019)

  4. “Someone New,” – Astrid S (Someone New – Single, 2019)

  5. “iloveyou,” – BETWEEN FRIENDS (affection, 2019)

  6. “When I Die,” – ALMA (When I Die – Single, 2019)

  7. “Choke,” – I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME (1981 Extended Play, 2018)

  8. “Up On Us,” – MILKK (HEADRUSH, 2019)

  9. “Pressure,” – Dayshell (Pressure – Single, 2019)

  10. “Daddy,” – Badflower (OK, I’M SICK, 2019)

Aaaaaaand finally, the killer albums of February:

  1. “Midnight,” – Set It Off (2019)

  2. “thank u, next,” – Ariana Grande (2019)

  3. “1981 Extended Play,” – I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME (2018)

  4. “HEADRUSH,” – MILKK (2019)

  5. “The Umbrella Academy (Original Series Soundtrack),” – Jeff Russo (2019)

  6. “amo,” – Bring Me The Horizon (2019)

  7. “OK, I’M SICK,” – Badflower (2019)

  8. “a modern tragedy vol. 2,” – grandson (2019)

  9. “While We Wait,” – Kehlani (2019)

  10. “Noyes Complaint,” – Maty Noyes (2016)

With all of that being said, if you have something you think is “Top Ten” quality, like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter and shoot me a message! I’d love to take requests, and if I love the artist/album/song enough, it just might make it on my list!

Facebook: @TheDailyBlendUIC

Instagram: samanthaxoxo___

Twitter: samanthacxoxo_

See ya next month!

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