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The Dr. Paula Show, Tuesday 8/09 at 11 AM: Dr. Julie Morita


The next Dr.Paula Show will feature Dr. Julie Morita, Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health. The show will air on August 9th at 11:00 AM. She will be sharing her thoughts on the importance and initiatives taken by the Department of Public Health regarding health literacy for the economically challenged and diverse communities in Chicago.

Dr. Julie Morita is a nationally renowned public health leader and vaccination expert. Mayor Rahm Emanuel nominated Dr. Morita to be Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) in January of 2015, following 15 years of service to the department. As CDPH Medical Director for Immunization, Dr. Morita fostered groundbreaking partnerships with health systems and the private sector, achieving national recognition for both the improvements in and overall coverage rates. In 2009, Dr. Morita led the City’s response to the pandemic influenza outbreak, developing a system to distribute more than one million doses of vaccine to clinics and residents across the City. Most recently, as Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Morita led the City’s efforts to prevent the introduction and spread of the Ebola virus, including developing and launching the Chicago Ebola Resource Network, the first local network of medical centers working jointly to prepare and respond to a possible Ebola case. As a result of her efforts, Chicago was the first jurisdiction in the nation to establish four CDC-approved Ebola response hospitals.

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