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The Future Bay Bay


Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish and now Roderick Strong, The Undisputed Era. 4 of the greatest talent in professional wrestling right now, who all currently are champions in WWE’s developmental brand, NXT. They’re all known for their time in Ring of Honor, New Japan, and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Roderick Strong won the Ring of Honor World Championship and PWG World Championship. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish are known for their tag team reDragon winning championships in New Japan and Ring of Honor. Adam Cole is most known for his time in the Bullet Club, and being the first time and only 3 time Ring of Honor World Champion and the longest PWG World Champion. They’ve been in NXT for a while now, and are dominating the roster. The only things they need are the NXT Championship and the NXT Women’s Championship, because they already have the NXT Tag Team Championship and the NXT North American Championship, in which Adam Cole became the first ever NXT North American Champion. 

The Undisputed Era is the future of WWE as they are some of the best heels they have down in NXT. I feel all they need is a strong female presence to add to their ranks and bring the Women’s Championship to their accomplishments. Once they capture all the championships, I feel they will be a unstoppable heel faction, and will be very popular that once they get to the main roster they will be on fire, and if booked correctly they can bring in more hardcore wrestling fans. They have great amount of talent and with Adam Cole being the best talker in the bunch they could be the next Wyatt Family or the next SHIELD, who could win all the championships on both brands and be multi-time champions. They are the future of the WWE.


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