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The Jazz Loop 2015

Today at 8 pm The Jazz Loop Radio show will begin. I’m very excited about kicking off The Jazz Loop’s first radio show of 2015. The show is every week from 8-10 pm on Tuesday. Every show will have different themes and the purpose of the show is to spread Jazz music to as many people as possible. A little about myself, I’ve been blogging on my own site The Jazz Loop ( for two years now. On that blog I discuss all things jazz in Chicago and I also review albums on a weekly basis. Now I’m excited in taking The Jazz Loop brand and expanding it to radio.

Today’s show will have a theme of piano jazz and bebop for the first hour, and the second hour will be fusion heavy. So if you’re into some fusion Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Weather Report definitely tune in after 9pm. All you have to do to listen is go on and click on the Listen Live link below the site to Listen Live. You can also listen on your mobile device if you have the Live 365 app.

This blog will discuss primarily the things that take place on the Jazz Loop radio show. So this blog will recap past shows, preview future shows, and go in depth on certain albums and artists that will be featured on The Jazz Loop. There will also be a Facebook page for The Jazz Loop put up very soon. I’ll post the link to that Facebook page once it’s live. So thank you for reading, thank you for listening, and let’s make this show the best Jazz show in States and let’s make UIC Radio the best station in the country!



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