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  • Amira Adeleke

The Me I See

So this project

The me I see now

Has called upon my past decisions to reflect

To speak a foreign dialect

Between reality and truth

To speak the truth is an act of courage

Being courageous also means you're vulnerable

And that's what it takes to face the judge

An all powerful being who comes to you

In all forms and mysterious ways

Psalm 25:5

Guide me in your truth and teach me

For you are God my savior

I've got a lot to learn

I need to shape up and fix my behavior, maybe I'll hit up the wellness center

When asked about my dreams, hopes and aspirations

I only come up with plastic creations

Of a fantasy world that when later asked about will turn into accusations causing me to

remember my limitations

But at least I know I'll be ok with my house built upon rock, because according to God that's a

strong foundation

The me I see now

Thinks graduation is out of reach

That the cap and gown might not fit on these shoulders

That carry the heavy burden of doubt

I've had complications all my life

So what if I don't see it through

I believe that sometimes you have to reroute

Maybe college isn't for me only time will tell

The me I see now doesn't have the answer to your questions

If I didn't care I would tell you I think I'm going to get all straight A's

and walk proudly across the stage

That I wanna change the world and release it from its cage

to get the perfect job become a millionaire just for the sake to say I did it

maybe I'll fall in love and end up with a ring on my finger

Become a world class civil engineer leading the world to a sustainable place

In the end, the me I see is different than the reflection in the mirror, trying to deeper my connections, shout-out DSP, I know I'm good enough for the light of day, I don't need to hide away, I got a good head on my shoulders and an intuition like no other, I gotta admit I struggle, I cry but there's beauty in pain, and Grandpa said as long as you smile you'll be okay


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