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***Content Warning: This blog contains mentions of Suicide***

Just Because Someone Carries it Well, Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Heavy.

One day, a really close friend and I decided to talk about her story, and the rumors began.

“She was born that way, in a family with good financial support, with a flawless body, and a good personality.”

“She’s living my dream in the whole new and different country.”

“She’s just chilled, enjoying life with her parents’ money.”

“That guy is just playing around with her for his fame.”

She had known and felt everything: the truth, the lies, things they wouldn’t say in front of her in the first place. But she still tried to play along, enjoyed the free show and just moved on in silence with a smile.

Nonetheless, they may not know that, behind the scenes, she suffered from PTSD, DID and phobias from her childhood abuse; her parents ended on extremely bad terms, others people kept using her, then her guy best friend, aka her ex, took his own life some months ago— her whole world had already collapsed way before the rumors started.

The conversation goes on.

-Doesn’t it mean you should talk to them, because what they think is not true at all?

-For what? All I can control are my actions, my thoughts, my words, not theirs. Do you really need to hear their apologies? That they hurt you, they feel awful for what they did so that you can really move on?

-No… And so you still choose kindness and to pretend like nothing happened?

-I don’t consider it as kindness but, I just don’t want to treat others the way the world treats me. We don’t bite the dogs back when they bite us first, do we?

-Okay, you’re right hun. What goes around comes around.

-I still love all of them… but from afar. And do you really expect to carry all of the baggage as well?

That conversation ended just like that.

Every single one of us has our own inner battle that drained and is draining us out in this complex and complicated word. No one is perfect and each of us has the right to be wrong but we should learn the lessons to grow and avoid hurting the others. We have around 80 years or only 29,200 days to live, time only counts when it’s running out, live and treat others well before we can no longer do it.

The kindest people are not born that way, they are made.

Be kinder.

NHƯ ĐINH -雪- Veronica)

Với trả thù, luôn phải đào hai mồ chôn – Khổng Tử.


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