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The Name is Saint West..So What

Last Week the internet blew up with the news of the birth of the second child of Kim and Kanye West. Everyone was on their toes awaiting the reveal of the name of the baby boy and then a few days after his birth it was finally announced, Saint West. When I first heard about it I liked the name, I liked the way it sounds, but the internet had a different idea.

After the reveal of the baby’s name, the internet blew up with rage. Some people believed that they named their child Saint because Kanye believes he is a god and thinks his son should be a saint. Other people think Kim named her son after the New Orleans Saints where her ex Reggie Bush plays (something I find hilarious). Personally I don’t understand all of the chaos about the name. It’s a name who cares, it’s not your child why are you so upset about it? I think it’s a nice name I like the way it sounds I think Saint is a unique cool name. I’ll admit, when Kim had their first daughter North, I thought it was a little strange that they went in that direction, but when Kim talked about the meaning of her name I thought it was sweet and now I like the name North West, and even now when she explained how she named him Saint because he was a blessing throughout her difficult pregnancy, I thought it was nice to name him Saint.

The point is, I think everyone should chill out about the name, it is Kim Kardashian’s child let her name her child what she wants, we all know she is going to do something new and crazy that will again “break the internet” so everyone should save their energy to complain about that. Congrats to Kim and Kanye for their second child, and maintaining their fame by finding a way to be the biggest news every week.

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