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The Premiership: Jazz Cartier Takes Us To Hotel Paranoia


While Drake’s massive single release and album announcement this past weekend solidified his place in Hip Hop and pop culture as the one true 6 God, fellow Toronto native Jazz Cartier dropped a new project today that could potentially propel him to battle for said title in the next couple of years.

Hotel Paranoia follows-up last year’s breakout ‘tape Marauding In Paradise (which featured the rambunctious banger that is “Dead Or Alive”) with a growth in sound aesthetics and a more cohesive vision from start to finish. This project was conceived to be a quasi-film score and exudes a rare cinematic vibe that’s been lacking for the most part in Hip Hop.

Jazz might be from the “new Toronto” scene that Drake was alluding to in “Summer Sixteen,” but he’s definitely not one of the biters the record was aimed for. Unlike them, Jazz isn’t trying to ride OVO’s wave and has carved a lane for himself with grandiose instrumentals and energetic verses that one could easily identify if it was playing at a party or a random car driving by.

With tickets to his first show in Toronto post-album release selling out in less than two days and currently being scalped for around $60-$100, it’s safe to say Jazz is feeling the hometown love and is only a matter of time before he crosses over to the States and dominates here as well. Listen to Hotel Paranoia below.

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