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The Two Scariest Words You Will Hear This Halloween

Halloween is almost over, but I wanted to share what truly scares me this Autumn.   The two scariest words that I can imagine are “President Trump”.  We vote in one week for the candidate that will govern our country for the next four years.  We have two choices.  If you vote for anyone else, you are basically saying “this election isn’t important, and I don’t care what happens to my country”.  Your two choices are Hillary Clinton, a woman President Obama calls “the most qualified person to ever run for President”, or Donald J. Trump.  Mr. Trump has been shown to be a serial liar, a serial sexual predator, and a man facing at least two serious legal challenges after the election, civil cases involving fraud (Trump University) and a second case involving the rape of a 13 year-0ld girl.   So we have a choice between a candidate that is qualified to be President and a candidate that has been shown to be totally unworthy of the office.         It’s often said about Presidential elections that “this is the most important election of our lifetime” and that has become a bit of a cliche.  This year, however, it really is a choice that will affect the future of our nation and our planet.  I have voted in every Presidential election since I became eligible in 1972, and I have voted for the Democratic candidate in each election.  I have never regretted any of those votes, and feel that I made the right decision each time.  That being said, all of the Republican candidates in those elections, while I may have disagreed with their policies and later actions as President if they won,  were at least qualified to hold the office.  That is not the case with the candidate the Republicans have given us this year.  I ask that you please vote on November 8th, and vote for Hillary Clinton, a decent woman, and a person qualified to lead our country for the next four years.  


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