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THE UIC STRIKE: Policies being bargained

As many of us on campus have gathered from emails from professors and canceled classes,  UIC faculty is once again on strike. This action was reached at 10 A.M. January 17, 2023, after 12 hours of negotiating during the union’s 31st bargaining session. As the student body of UIC, in order to fully support our staff at this time it’s important to know what it is that they’re standing for. 

The UIC faculty is demanding policies centered around clarity, transparency, security and fairness. The specific aspects of this being the increase of worker’s minimum salary and salary increases to match the rapid inflation of the past few years. The strikers are also speaking up for mental health resources of both staff and students, as well as job security/ due process and clear renewal notice for non-tenure workers.

Much emphasis has been concentrated on advocating for mental health resources. This would be put into practice through mental health drop in centers, campus psychologists, mental health assessments and more. Administrators have committed 4.5 million dollars for this cause over the next six years, which is hopefully the start of all parties reaching peaceful agreements. These negotiations are set to resume on Wednesday, the 18th.

In the meantime, many in person classes have reached an indefinite halt with the exception of the school of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Law. During this time we can show our support by rallying behind the workers who advocate for us as well.



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