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The Wave Of The Future: Hi, I’m New Here.

You found me! Oh, this is so exciting.


My name is Jamie, and I’m a Chicago native, but I’m a new blogger, new to UIC, and very new to commuting on the CTA, but we’re working on that. I’m in the School of Public Health and I occupy my free time with hiking and climbing, visiting museums, taking on ridiculous DIY challenges, and asking Wikipedia scientific questions I’m embarrassed to ask professors.

Hopefully I’ve caught your attention. My creative writing in this blog will be a resulting byproduct of these explorations, equally split between science and art, and how their modern breakthroughs are making Chicago my favorite city on Earth.

I pay attention to free events downtown and specially-priced student tickets; if I find anything worthwhile, I promise you’ll hear about it each week. I may even post photos and directions for any “dorm-essentials” I make myself (assuming they’re successful).

Currently on my radar:

A night of Tchaikovsky (you may know him as the creator of The Nutcracker ballet) and Mozart (you may know him as Mozart) for $15! Grab a date, iron your shirt, and find your way to the CSO concert hall on Michigan Avenue for a beautiful evening of flawless classical music.

I don’t think I need to explain how incredible this museum’s collection is, but in case you haven’t been watching your travel websites, the Art Institute has been named the BEST MUSEUM IN THE WORLD by TripAdvisor. The contest is not even limited to art museums, but yes, that does mean we beat Paris’ Louvre.

Time is running out to claim this Chicago legacy: skate at the Maggie Daley Park the first winter it opened the ice rink!  Entry is free, so if you don’t own your own skates, it’ll only cost you $12 to create a story your grandchildren will someday roll their eyes at. What a deal!

More to come! Tune in next week for some technology and resentment; I’ll be researching and breaking down the recent controversy over my dream car, the Tesla Model S.

See you around!



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