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The Weeknd: Deep Cuts

the weeknd

The Weeknd just released one of the most anticipated albums of 2015 and continues his rise as R&B’s biggest star. However, this blog highlights tracks from back in the day that made Abel into what some are saying is the second coming of Michael Jackson.

Material Girl

This is one of his first songs ever released, even before his first mixtape. When you heard this song you knew this guy was gonna be special. It convinced Drake at least, as this was one of the songs that convinced him to take the Weeknd under his wing.

The Party & After Party 

Off his first official release, “House Of Balloons” this is the song that made me a Weeknd fan. Still to this day I think its one of his best songs.

Do It

One of the Weeknd’s first up-tempo songs as it was released prior to his first mixtape. His vocals on this are great and he rides the beat perfectly.

Might Not

This isn’t really a deep cut in the Weeknd’s discography as it came out this summer, although I wanted to include it because he goes hard on this. When this song came out I knew 2015 was gonna be his year, without a doubt.

Rescue You 

Another one of his first released songs from 2009, this kind of sounds like a Ne-Yo song from back in the day but i dig it.

Wanderlust (Pharrell Remix)

Although the regular version off Kiss Land is good, Pharrell really took this beat and made it 10x better. To me this song was the start of The Weeknd’s sound evolving and him being able to make more pop oreinted tracks like Can’t Feel My Face.

I’m Good

I remember listening to this song two years ago because it was the intro track to Lil Wayne’s trash mixtape Dedication 5. I’m actually so happy Lil Wayne didn’t rap on this because The Weeknd kills this track alone, too bad the rest of the mixtape was garbage.

King of the Fall 

This song flew under the radar for most people because it was released around the same time as Often. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked this song, but it grew on me a lot and it ended up being one of my favorite songs by him.

Trust Issues (Remix)

Back when Drake was all in his feels during his Take Care era he released a handful of songs before his album dropped, one of them being Trust Issues. Luckily, The Weeknd hopped on this beat and in my opinion made a better version of the song than Wheelchair Jimmy.

That concludes this edition of The Standouts, for more regular updates on new music like the Facebook Page or follow the twitter account. You can also follow me personally @LFH25. See you next week.



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