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There’s No Place Like Chicago!

Life after college has been…very INTERESTING. Spending your whole summer away from your friends and family is tough, but sometimes you realize that’s exactly what you needed. Not many people will leave their comfort zone in pursue of a new career or to follow their dreams. But I can assure you two things: it is well worth it and you will learn so much more about yourself in doing so. Although you may not necessarily end up where you want to be-you will end up where you NEED to be. Do not be afraid to fall into new things and new experiences-this will only help introduce new ideas and pending opportunities. After spending the entire summer in New York City and still continuing to travel there for work every couple of weeks, I can still assure you there is no place like home. Every time I return to Chicago I bring back inspiration, new ideas, and lots of motivation. Like Kanye West said- “But if you really care for her, then you would never hit the airport to follow your dream.” People will doubt you and some will even discourage you for leaving and trying new things, but you have to expand your mind and make that move. Just make sure you do it for yourself and for all of the right reasons.



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