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These Small Time Crooks Stole My Heart -Pt. 1


Darren Young, Charlie Jackson, Frank Bryant, Tyler Watson, Damian Johnson, otherwise known as the band Brigades are taking over the Chicago music scene one person at a time. With songs like ‘Small Time Crooks’ and ‘Writing on the Wall’, who wouldn’t want these guys to win UIC’s Battle of the Bands?

Brigades has been featured in New Noise Magazine, thanks to their awesome sound and heavy tour schedule. The band has also released an amazing video based on their song ‘Small Time Crooks’.

The men of Brigades are from South Carolina ans proud of it! With the help of their record label Pure Noise Records, their album will drop on May 6th, 2014. This punk pop clan is pretty ready to showcase their talent to all who are listening. With upcoming shows in South Carolina, I have a hunch that their album ‘Crocodile Tears’ will be a success with many to follow.

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