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Things to Try Before You Die: A Trip to Missouri

Over spring break, there was a dire need to escape the routine of Illinois; and what better way to celebrate time off than with a road trip? I had a friend in St. Louis and, after exploring, thought I’d share some of my favorite spots.

The St. Louis Aquarium: This aquarium is super interactive and holds something for everyone. During your trip, you’ll see and touch all kinds of creatures within St Louis’s very own Union Station; walking through gives you a dive into some of the towns history as well. From otters to manta rays, this fun museum immerses you in your very own trip to the deep blue sea.

Cheshire Grin Cat Café: What better combination than sweet treats and sweet critters. Cheshire Grin offers both for a one of a kind experience. With drinks named after the kittens, the admission fee going towards their care, and all the pets up for adoption, you can embrace the playful atmosphere while supporting a good cause. Do be cautious, because the cats may claw if they feel uncomfortable.

Dead Wax Records: Along Cherokee street is the gem that is Dead Wax Records. This tiny 2 store shop is lined with vintage style vinyls. The music ranges from modern releases to classics. Notably, I was able to find the Beatles’ Revolver and Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same. One of the best parts about this shop is that no matter what record you pick, they seem to all fall under $40.

Inside Hammond's Antiques and Books

Hammond’s Antiques and Books: This book shop was found while trying to kill some time, but ended up being a favorite secret spot. The location’s bookshelf style walls are set up in a maze-like structure, which makes for a slightly mysterious experience. Along with books, there are jewelry vendors on the bottom floor. But if you care to venture a little further, a slightly obscured entrance will lead to a second story of old books and treasures.

The Arch: Obviously no trip to MO would be complete without the staple of the St. Louis skyline. The area surrounding the attraction holds a nice walk through the Citygarden Sculpture Park. The grassy fields underneath the arch provide a great space for a picnic, and if you want to see one of the best views of the city, a tram ride can take you inside and to the top of the structure.

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