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This Spring Semester To Do List

Upgrading Yourself This Spring Semester

With the start of a new semester comes new ways to become a better version of yourself. It’s important to maintain goals to stay motivated throughout the semester and have quality time for yourself to relieve your stress and anxiety. Make this new semester your semester by starting small with these 3 steps:


This one deserves to be capitalized because almost all my friends don’t eat breakfast before coming to school. I grew up understanding that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many may disagree. I believe it can be important given that it’s the start of your day, which will set how the rest of your day may go. If you’re hungry, you may not concentrate or have the motivation to move forward with your day.


Time management is huge when it comes to being a college student. Having the ability to split your time between work, responsibilities, school, study time, meals etc., can be exhausting. I like using my regular phone time app to set timers on how much time I spend doing certain tasks, for example how much time I sit and watch Netflix over doing homework. Creating a balance is important.

Skin Care

Feeling good about yourself changes your whole mood for the day. If makeup isn’t your thing, try skin care. Skin care (ofc the products that best work for you) can only help you feel better about yourself and feel more confident. Feeling confident leads to more participating during class and being able to create new friends. The skin care products you use can also be a good conversation starter when meeting new people.


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