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Through my eyes

Warmth. Warmth of being loved and held and cared for. Is something that Doll is sure they’ll always feel. Even as Doll is left propped up against the tupiq, there is a sense of warmth flowing through his 28cm stature; because Doll knows that as soon as their young ten-year old girl is done helping her mom and sister patch their clothes, the left over Siksik fur would be fashioned into Doll's 5th set of clothing. A loved and cared for doll was one with many outfits to choose from.

However, warmth cannot possibly last forever and as the sun rises and falls for countless days Doll finds themselves watching, waiting, listening, for any sign of life. And as life passes and history is written, Doll finds themselves once again propped up, but this time by old-charred wood. This wood once heated many, but now was left out in the harsh cruel northern elements, with hardly any trace of the campground that once adorned this area. Doll yearns for that warmth that was once occupied by its creator. Dolls recalls the day they slowly come to consciousness and how they were immediately bombarded with giggles, as there ten-year old first discovered how to craft a doll out of bone, or even soapstone guided by her older sister.

Time has passed, Doll knew that for sure, but without his creator, Doll had no idea just how long. All that was left for Doll to do was to recall their once beautiful life. Doll once was draped in a beautiful, long coat with fuzzy cuffed sleeves and a large full hood, what fit snuggly around Dolls smooth expressionless face. Along the trim of the coat, which was draped in a U-shape, and where the sleeves connected, lay a beautiful grey trim with red dots lining the middle. Accompanying his animal fur coat was long pants made from the same material that was cinched by sinew at the bottom. This was Doll's first outfit and the one they loved the most.

Doll soon became used to the blank white canvas of the snowy artic. At some points Doll even imagined his creator coming back to look for them. But Doll knew that deep down the chances of that where close to none. Still, Doll could only imagine.

The first heavy snow fall buried Doll and the abandoned campsite. Doll could no longer use nature to estimate the time passed. So, Doll did what they could and waited. While the pounds and pounds of snow accumulated on Doll, they faded in and out of consciousness. With no one and nothing to entertain him Doll faded, and soon Doll no longer existed and all that was left was a child's toy buried and lost in the artic.

Heavy footsteps and loud voices boomed. The calm and empty artic suddenly was being dug up. Large men whose skin matched the snow soon reinhabited the campsite, but in a way that looked taboo to the beautiful land. The men stayed for a while digging and searching, small critters passed the campsite every so often in curiosity. The ruckus ‘woke’ Doll up, and that feeling of warmth returned. Doll knew that their little girl would come back, they could only imagine what exotic animal fur she brought for him. During Dolls hopping, they felt pressure against there head.

The men mapped out their excavation plan and began digging with hand shovels. Unsure if they would find anything more than century old burnt wood and traces of left over animal bones and hides, they grew a bit careless. Suddenly a shout across there site could be heard for miles. The men grew excited, one of them had found a small frozen doll. Unfortunately, in there carelessness they stabbed the forehead and a small indent could be seen. The doll was cold and smooth to the touch, despite the ice and snow the doll's coat was still soft. The slight damage to the artifact didn’t matter because with this finding they could finally leave this frozen hell. The men quickly packed up and prepared to take their findings back to there museum lab to properly examine them.

Doll knew nothing of this warm new world. Doll thought nothing, simply watched and people crowed around them and poked and prodded. Eventually, Doll was placed behind in a small cold box with see through walls. This was it, the moment where he would be reunited with his creator. Doll felt hot with excitement as he heard children’s laughter, if they could doll would be jumping with anticipation. Suddenly, 5 young faces were smushed against the see through wall. Bright, florescent lights warmed Doll, but not in the way they were used to.


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