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Tiramisu For You!

For now,

Enjoy the tiramisu recipe 🎀⋆。˚

One of my favorite desserts is Tiramisu without a doubt. It's so yummy and so freaking easy and speedy to make. So, I've decided to share how to make it because it would be a crime to keep it to myself. I also hate when baking websites have so much freaking lore before the recipe, so here it is straight to the point.

Takes about 30 minutes to make (without chilling, with chilling it takes roughly 24 hours and 30 minutes)


  • Four egg yolks

  • Half a cup of sugar

  • Three-fourths of a cup of heavy cream

  • One cup of mascarpone

  • One and three-fourths cups of espresso or strong coffee

  • Two tablespoons of rum

  • Twenty-four ladyfingers

  • Two teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder


1 - You will need two bowls, in one combine four egg yolks with one-fourth of a cup of the sugar and whisk vigorously until it becomes a light yellow and thickens in consistency (honestly just follow your gut, I give it like three to four minutes of whisking by hand because I don't have an electric mixer). In the second bowl combine three-fourths of a cup of heavy cream and the rest of the sugar. Whisk till soft peaks form (when you pull the whisk up the peaks fall back down and don't stay up).

2 - In that second bowl with the whipped cream, add all your mascarpone. Whisk it until smooth and creamy (again go with your gut, I just stop whisking when I think it's good enough).

3 - Grab a spatula, and then gently fold in the egg mix into the mascarpone mix. Don't be aggressive with it, don't mix it, bring the spatula from the bottom of the bowl to the top, like you're folding the batter onto itself (the picture above is step three).

4 - In a separate bowl combine your coffee and rum.

5 - Grab a glass dish, like the ones you can put in the oven (this does not go in the oven though), not too big though. Dust some cocoa powder at the bottom of your dish with a hand sifter.

6 - Dip the ladyfingers into the coffee mix and place them in your dish, until the bottom is covered. I like to really fill in all the spaces with the fingers but it's fine if you prefer some gaps. After one layer of the fingers add the mascarpone mix until they are covered. Repeat until you have as many layers as you want. I usually do two. Smooth out the top of the mascarpone cream and dust more chocolate on top. You are DONEEE. Wait a minimum of four hours to serve in the fridge or leave overnight.

This stuff is so freaking good I love tiramisu.


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