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Top 5 Modern Military Dress Uniforms

Most modern militaries have a type of formal uniform known as a Dress Uniform. The following are my 5 favorite military dress uniforms around the world.

5. French Republic Guard Regiment Officer


The Republican Guard is deep-rooted within French culture. They are the French counterparts of the Queen’s Guard. Their missions include guarding important public buildings in France such as the Elysee Palace (the residence of the French Republic) and providing security services to important individuals.

4. US Marines Service Dress Blues


The USMC Service Dress Blues are very iconic. This uniform, both enlisted and officer versions, have been around since the inception of the United States Marine Corps. The style hasn’t changed much at all and it is one of the sharpest uniforms in the US Military.

3. No.10 Temperate Mess Dress

Downton Abbey. Series Two.

This dinner dress uniform of the British Army oozes with class and grandeur. The jacket is unique and it embodies an old-world elegance unseen in almost every modern military uniform. (Yes, this is from Downton Abbey)

2. Podhale Rifles Dress Uniform


This full gala dress-suit of this Polish Mountain Infantry unit is incredible. For me, any uniform with a cape is a win.

1.  US Navy Dress White Chokers


Being a sailor, I could not give the top spot to any other uniform other than the Dress White Choker. This uniform has class, prestige, and command. It’s nautical history goes way back, and it is a beautiful uniform that is simple, but stunning.

– Matt Cuartero


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