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Trending How: What to do for Valentine’s Day


So, I have officially decided to name my blog Trending How! I thought it was clever as I mainly talk about trends, etc. But anyway! Onto what you’re here for!

I personally recommend a cute date, maybe cuter and more planned than usual, but not making up for the lack of dates you’ve been going on recently.

Now, finally, onto the ideas:

Cook together!

My boyfriend and I did this last year and it was so fun!! We made dumplings and even though they weren’t the prettiest, it was so much fun and they were so yummy (they’re dumplings I promise).

Go ice skating

Who doesn’t love to be swept off of their feet on the ice?? Well, maybe more slipping rather than sweeping, but you get it… Ice skating can be so much fun, especially if you’re bad at it, because then after lots of laughs, you can go get hot chocolate and use it as an excuse to kiss/cuddle all of your bruises away.

Go to a museum

While it may SEEM dull, the field museum, the planetarium, the Museum of Science and Industry and even the Shedd aquarium would all be great ideas. A couple of these are free on Valentine’s Day and they are such beautiful places to go!

Movie Marathon

Maybe you don’t wanna go out? Totally cool!! Make a list of movies, which could be a series or could be totally unrelated movies you both enjoy, and watch them! Maybe get some snacks and make it all nice and cozy too. As childish as they may seem, blanket forts are so good for movie nights.

Go shopping together

Hear me out: you can buy cute things for each other!!!! Outfits or gifts or even little knickknacks. Personalized things too are so cute!!

Get piercings or tattoos together!!

Not recommended if you are in a newer relationship, but they don’t even need to be matching tattoos or piercings!! Literally just going to a place together would be such a cool experience!!

Arts and Crafts!

Go to a class or do it yourself!! Wheel-throwing classes are super fun, but even making cards together or painting is so much fun!!

Decorate cookies

Or cakes! But similarly to arts and crafts, it is a great creative, fun and delicious activity!!

And finally–

DON’T Go to Build-A-Bear!

This is my plan!! Do not steal it from me </3

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!! Whether you are celebrating with a partner, friends or even yourself!! Do something nice and fun!! Buy flowers!! (Or lego flowers) And do NOT steal my idea!!! (/hj)

Thank you so much for reading!!



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