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Troye Sivan: The Suburbia Tour

If there is one thing about me that is no secret, it’s my love for Troye Sivan. I am completely and utterly in love with that boy, and I have been since 2011.

I have had the honor in the past to see Troye preform live several times, and even meet him. On Tuesday, November 1st 2016, I was reunited with my favorite person as he made his stop in Chicago for the “Suburbia Tour.”

I arrived at the venue at 5 in the morning, sounds crazy, I know, but I was determined to get first row. I spent the next 13 hours drinking tons of coffee, exploring the area with my friends, and even got to meet with Troye’s parents for a bit. It was a great way to spend my Tuesday afternoon.


photo taken by myself

6:30 finally came and my adrenaline was through the roof. The doors were opening and my friends and I were first in line, and I NEEDED to be on the barricade. So, once our tickets were scanned, we ran.

Just as I hoped and prayed for, I got the first row, right at the barricade. I was in the perfect position to be in direct eye contact with Troye, and experience the show with the best view.

A young and very talented musician named Astrid S, opened the show for Troye. Her vocals were angelic and she was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend everyone gives her a listen.

Finally, it was time for Troye. The lights dimmed. His band began to play and smoke was rising from the floor. 5,000 people were waiting in anticipation for Troye to walk on to the stage and then, a lengthy, beautiful Australian boy with big blue eyes emerged on stage, and sang into the mic, “TRYING HARD NOT TO FALL,” as he opened with, “WILD,” and purple lights were flashing everywhere. The crowd went insane.


photo taken by myself

The “Suburbia Tour” consisted of Troye singing 12 of his own songs. The order of his set list put his audience on a rollercoaster of emotions. There were songs such as, “BITE” and “FOOLS,” that were total bops and truly hyped up the crowd. Then, Troye took it down a few notches with heart-aching songs such as, “Talk Me Down,” and the saddest of them all, “BLUE.” Yes, I cried my eyes out during “BLUE,” and I am not ashamed.

One of the most important moments of the night was when Troye performed his song, “HEAVEN.” He dedicated that number to the LGBTQ+ youth, and said, “get your pride flags out because this is the gay song!”. That song hits close to home for the people in the LGBTQ+ community, so many people in the crowd were shedding tears in that moment.

Throughout his entire show, Troye showed off that he possesses a real talent. His vocals were outstandingly beautiful, and full of raw emotions. It was powerful.


photo taken by myself

Another thing to note about the “Suburbia Tour,” was the sophisticated lighting Troye used during each song. The lights were dramatic and intense, and set the mood for each song. It was fun, and different from other shows, and I guess you could say, “it was lit!”

Overall, the “Suburbia Tour,” was more than just a concert. It was a place that felt like home. A place where you were safe. Troye did an overwhelming good job at connecting with his fans and he put on one hell of a show. I cannot wait till the next time I see him. Thank you for an incredible night that I will never forget, Troye Sivan.


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