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Tunnel Movement

Several great hip hop artists have emerged from Chicago in recent years. Guys like Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, The Cool Kids, Rockie Fresh have all made a name for themselves in the hip hop world. Mick Jenkins, Lucki Eck$, Alex Wiley and Several members from the SAVEMONEY collective are on the path to establishing themselves. Chicago has a very talented pool of hip hop artists.

One hip hop group from Chicago that not everyone is familiar with is a group named Tunnel Movement. I didn’t even know about these guys until a few weeks ago but they have been grinding it out since 2009. They make great quality music. If you’re a big fan of groups like Mobb Deep and Gang Starr then this group is for you.

This groups consists of three members, Kwote1, N.O.A.H and DJ Decept. At one point it was four members but former emcee Wordsplay had to leave the group for personal reasons.

Their first studio album is titled, Overdue. Their latest release, Overlooked, was released in October of 2014. Their team of producers for that album included individuals from Chicago, Germany and even Croatia.

The two emcees Kwote1 and N.O.A.H hold their own on their work. These guys are extremely talented and it makes me happy to know that these guys are from my hometown. Check them out! you definitely won’t regret it.

You can stream their Overlooked album below.

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