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Twas the week before Christmas…

…and all through the mall, People looked for great deals, a final last call. They ripped through the clothes racks in a kind of desperation, In hopes that they’d find something after so much procrastination.

The children were crying as they sat on Santa’s lap, While moms made them pose as the camera went snap. While the AT&T kiosk guy, and the girl selling lingerie, Had just settled in for another long day.

When all of a sudden there arose such a clatter, In surprise the Starbucks sample girl spilled her whole platter. Away to the Walmart people flew like a flash, For last minute deals on a whole Blu-Ray stash.

The gray tint of car exhaust covered the slushy thick snow That soaked through girls’ Ugg boots, who didn’t know That the inner fur wasn’t waterproof, not even a bit, And so they were forced to walk through the thick of it.

The parking lot was packed to every last space As Honda Odysseys searched in a race. They each found a spot that turned out to be the same, And as the loser drove past he called the other an unpleasant name.

The Dunkin’ Donuts was being pushed to the brink As the barista tiredly called out each drink: “One coffee! One iced latte! Three cappuccinos! Two hot chocolates! A dozen doughnuts! And two frappuccinos!”

The Christmas music blared through the overhead speakers As people tore through sweaters, skinny jeans, and Converse sneakers. The never ending line for the check out grew As the agitated sales girl called “Price check at register two.”

While over in the Disney store kids ran through the aisles Giggling and pushing, full of bright smiles. While their mothers in sweat pants, too tired for this show, Grabbed them by the arm and said “Time to go.”

The lady dressed all in fur, from her head to her toe, Inspected an earring set in rubies and gold. “They’re really quite lovely,” she said to the clerk, “But I want diamonds if this is going to work.”

Oh the florescent lights – how they flickered! The tile so shiny! The old men were obnoxious, the children so whiny! The golden arches of McDonald’s had a certain glow That was as magical as new fresh white snow.

People came rushing in, late from work, And took their frustrations out on sales people as they acted like jerks. Filling out online orders ’cause there was nothing left in stock, Hoping it would ship in time to put in their kid’s Christmas sock.

Then overhead the PA system came to life Announcing 15 minutes until the mall was closed for the night. As the shoppers trudged to their cars full of anger and sorrow, The mall security called, “Thanks for shopping, we’ll see you tomorrow!”


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