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Ty Segall

Possibly the coolest dude to ever pick up a guitar, Ty Segall is a garage rock superstar who has been playing live music for the past decade. Moving from band to band (Epsilons, The Traditional Fools, The Perverts, White Fence, Thee Oh Sees) throughout the 2000’s up and down the sunny Californian coastline, his presence in the underground rock community became known and people all over the country were yearning to see him shred the guitar live. Eventually Ty began performing solo and with his own band. In 2008 he released his first solo album, Horn the Unicorn, and fans were able to see that this kid was going to remain a staple in the rock community. Since the release of his first solo album, Ty has released 10+ records of just his own music, not counting the insane amount of appearances and collaborations that have been recorded.

This is one of those artists that will crank out song after song and each one is better than the last and you can’t play any of them loud enough. But not only is Ty extremely talented in the studio, his live performances are unlike any other.

His presence on stage is what really sets him apart from anyone else creating music today. Coming from the house party/garage scene, he always wants kids on stage dancing, stage diving, jumping on each other, lots and lots of energy. Both times that I have seen him live he has stopped security from preventing people to storm the stage, actually stopping in the middle of a song to call out jerk security guards for pulling kids off stage or kicking them out. A Ty Segall show is not complete unless there is total anarchy happening on stage while the band is playing and he thrives off this.

He hails from my home town, Orange County, CA and to be more specific, Laguna Beach. For this reason I feel a particular bond with and appreciation for this artist because we were raised in the same part of southern California, a place where big fake boobs, new BMW’s and Mercedes, OC housewives and collagen injections are the norm. Surrounded by rich kids, fake shallow people, and new money the underlying and native hippy/surf community often goes unnoticed, so when one of our own becomes a successful bad ass touring the country and creating amazing music that  goes so against the grain of how people view southern Orange County, it makes me proud.

This is a perfect video making fun of what people think of Orange County with fellow OC-an and rocker Mikal Cronin.Fast forward to 4:00 if you want to just hear the amazing “Teeny Bopper” by Epsilons.


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