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Velocity, Design, and Comfort with Sweet Trip

Velocity : Design : Comfort is the third full length project by the group Sweet Trip, released in 2003 and made entirely at the home computer of Robert Burgos. The group was formed in 1995 by members Robert Burgos and Valerie Reyes in San Francisco, California. Velocity : Design : Comfort offers soundscapes and beats that are something special, and the sound of Sweet Trip is unlike anything I had heard before. They mix genres like shoegaze, electronic, and glitchcore to create an album that brings something new every time you listen.

This album is extremely dynamic and is composed of songs that are changing and evolving. Songs like “International,” “Fruitcake and Cookies,” “To All the Dancers of the World, A Round Form of Fantasy,” and “Sept” are soft and very nice to listen to when trying to relax. These songs have great soundscapes with changing backgrounds which utilize fun sound effects and elements of glitchcore that offer a unique listening experience. These songs usually cover themes of love and nice memories, but that’s just what I take from them.

There are also a lot of fun songs on this album that take a lot from shoegaze and electronic music. These songs create a happy and exciting listening experience that will definitely put you in a good mood. Songs like “Pro: Lov: Ad,” “Dsco,” and “Chocolate Matter” are some examples of these songs. The builds in these songs, along with their exciting beats, would be especially fun to hear live. Unfortunately, the last project released by Sweet Trip was in 2009. 

Robert Burgos and Valerie Reyes

I strongly recommend this album to everyone who likes music, which is most people. Burgos and Reyes really created something special with this project and were able to capture beautiful mixtures of sounds that carry or push you through the entire hour and thirteen-minute project. It really is a joy to listen to. If you like this album, what do you like about it? If it is your first time listening, what are the emotions it makes you feel? Let’s talk about it! You can email me at


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