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Wardens Midwest – 0ctober

So glad to have the first full month of the season over. It was a wild ride, from Spark, to learning secondary dominants, DJ Battle, the lesbian wedding with my mother, our first beat battle, and of course UIC Radio;s first Cypher.

Well we got good news ! October is coming and we are lucky to have stellar line up as usual ! We then get to end every night with a spooky story! Happy Halloween!

**********10.2************** Our second 13eat 13attle now features Machobeatz K Nard, Don P and DJ Quality! One third of the Triangle Offense, Rhymster, is coming through for the quick scope interview! We get super weird with TMTHY TRTL who turns all the way up! We then finally team up with NoLawMusic!

**********10.9************* Our second Cypher is going down! We have our all star lineup ready to go !!! We’re joined by Rhymster, Melo, Mr. Misfit, Kwote and Ronald from NATUREAL! Stay put to catch the very rare mix by 13lacula!

**********10.16*********** We start off the night with JXL one the most psycho active and fluent rappers I’ve had the pleasure to meet! Following him is DJ Handz Solo, he’s gonna tear up the tracks one time with us! After our weekly Creepy Pasta, we’re going to get a set from Padern finally!

**********10.23********** We’re kicking it with the Mulatto Patriot on Wardens Midwest! every time I’ve seen this DJ spin it’s been a blast! We have new comer Reed Black arriving to our show as well! His production style varies, but the blend between electronic and hip hop is fantastic!

************10.30*************** we have surprise guests that will be announced ! Stay tuned!

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