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Was ‘Cruising’ with Nelly a good idea?


Now I am all for remixes. I love the idea of taking old sounds and concepts and beat-boxing them into something new and totally unexpected.

What I’m not sure sure about is this haphazard mish-mash of genres we keep hearing on B96 (think Taylor Swift). Sometimes, your roots are a good thing…and you should stick to them.

So let’s talk about the newest thing on the mix-up chart: ‘Cruise‘ by Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly. Now, occasionally you’ll get some beat behind a good ol’ line dance song to speed things up, but this is the first true streets-meets-twang combo I’ve ever come across. And honestly, I really liked it. The lyrics weren’t wildly different, the tune remained unchanged for the most part and it was altogether a pretty seamless mash.

My issue was with the music videos. If you have seen both of them, you’d know that they couldn’t have been more ludicrously different. In the original, Brian and Tyler are going around in their beat-up truck, picking up pretty girls for some kind of star-spangled cookout and having a great old time. It’s fun and it’s country. It’s even got the sexy girl with the “long tanned legs”.


By contrast, the remix MV looks like a bunch of the skankiest girls in town came to witness a drag race. Nelly’s doing this things while a bunch of girls just shake their stuff at the camera. You can sure tell that they’ve “got a thing for the fast life”! It’s an almost comical look at the stereotypes that are must-have for every hiphop since Youtube became the next biggest thing.

So all in all, I thought the song was great. But if Nelly had could have managed to keep his “shawties” out of it, I would’ve liked it much better.

Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think!



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