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Ways to Help you Deal with Stress

Ahhhhhh midterms are coming up. The anxiety, stress and fear is common for all of us during this time in our life.

Trying to study everything from the beginning to the semester up until now can cause a lot of pressure on us regardless if:

You’re a freshman trying to start off the year strong with a good GPA OR

You’re a second semester senior who’s trying to graduate without the fear of failing a mandatory class in your last semester.

Being halfway done with college, I’m in the same boat. Stress can get the better of us, but don’t let it beat you down.


There are so many ways to tackle stress, but there are a few things that I personally find helpful whenever stress starts to overwhelm me:

  1. Doodling. College is challenging and it feels like there’s no time to have fun anymore when you’re studying for what seems like forever. Simply taking a crayon and coloring or even doodling can help you relax and lets you forget about whatever you were so stressed about in the beginning.

  2. Exercise. Yes, it is scientifically proven that exercise makes you feel better. Your body will start to produce endorphins and they help reduce stress.

  3. Dark Chocolate! Who knew candy could actually be good for you? That’s right, eating dark chocolate helps the body calm down and reduce stress, so dig in 🙂

  4. Finally, Sleep plays an important role as well. Not getting enough sleep is harmful to your body, especially when you are stressed, so at times it is okay to take a nap and to forget about the worries for a little while. You’ll calm down, I promise 🙂

That’s all for now! Good luck on midterms everyone!


Till next time,



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