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Weddings all around!

I was just at a wedding this weekend (my ex’s sister’s if anyone cares) and it was awesome!


And thanks to my new media internship, I was obsessed with getting as many cool pics as possible!

The wedding was at a resort near a Lake Michigan beach, so I got some nice outdoor shots, like this one with my little sister, who came as my ‘plus one’:


…Or, like the one with my shoes which I kept taking off because they were too darn difficult to stumble around in when I’m trying to take ground shots.


The wedding was next to this awesome gazebo and you can see the wedding party taking pictures through it if you look closely!


And finally, because I don’t want to bore anyone with descriptions of cakes and dresses and blah-de-blah, I’ll just say that the reception was in a ballroom overlooking the beach (I kept wanting to run out and take sunset shots, but couldn’t without being rude) and the dancing later was a blast!


…including one old favorite that I haven’t heard for years, so I am going to throw it up here, because I’m nostalgic and it’s a classic guaranteed to get the shyest out of their chairs! (plus, I’d never seen the music video before)

Enjoy your Sunday!


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