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Weekly Artist Spotlight

Every Monday I’m going to be blogging about what I’m listening to this week, while I’ll blog about all the different shows that I go to throughout my time at UIC.  I’m going through an Indie Binge right now so here are my top artists for this week.

Milky Chance

An indie artist with unique vocals, great rhythms, and a good flow, Milky Chance is the type of band that I play when someone hands me the aux and the overbearing stress of not knowing what to play because you don’t know what the other person likes consumes you.

Dog Is Dead

U.K Based band known originally for the use of their song Glockenspiel Song for the finale of Skins Season 5. They have a unique style that includes a focus on classical instruments such as saxophone or concert percussion. Great for anyone on an indie binge.

The Apache Relay

This band sadly broke up in 2015, but in the time they were together they created two amazing indie albums. Katie Queen of Tennessee was one of their biggest hits and was used in 2014 for almost every commercial possible. Definitely worth listening to.

Foster The People

Everyone knows about Pumped Up Kicks but not a lot of people followed these artists up with the rest of their discography. Supermodel is one of my favorite albums because it ranges from the notorious “Foster the People” sound to some slower songs that somehow work with the flow of the album.



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