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Welcome to isaacs_W0RLD

Hi Everyone!

My name is Isaac Pineda. This is my first blog post being part of the UIC radio team. I’m painfully excited to be able to share my ideas, thoughts, and point of view with you all. I’d like you to get a better understanding of who I am and why you should read my blogs. Where should I even begin? Well, what would you like to know? My major? Communications. Minoring in Moving Arts (No, that does not mean dancing. I’m a terrible dancer). My age? I’m 20. Exactly 196 days till my 21st Birthday! WHOO!WHOO! Or would you like to know how many hours I’ve spent trying to learn Beyoncé’s Single Ladies dance? It’s so much harder than you could possible imagine!

Don’t believe me?! Try it for yourself…

All joking and “Wuh uh oh uh uh oh”ing aside, I wish to share with you what inspires and excites me. I’m still unsure if you’ve gotten to undestand who I am, as a person, music lover, and as a writer. It’s difficult to choose a few words to describe myself . Let me think…


Well, a big part of my life is my music. I have 7,392 items in my iTunes playlist. My music library dates back to 2007, I was in eighth grade and my favorite pass time was adding new layouts, music, and pictures on MySpace. Those were the good ol’ days. Although,my musical preferences have changed, my love for good music hasn’t. So, I wanted to share with you, ‘My Five Most Played Tracks”.  The five songs that I’ve listened to the most these passed seven years. This is my first time seeing this list so I’m really excited!

Here we go.


of course, BEYONCE!



Daydreamer, is my favorite song of all time!


I forgot about this song. This was favorite song freshmen year of high school. i haven’t heard it in years!


Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Those five songs are some of favorites, but then again favorites songs can never be narrowed down to just five. Am I right or am I right!? I hope you enjoyed reading a little about me. Share your Five Most Played Tracks with me, do we have any in common?  Let me know what you want to talk about. Share a question, topic, anything really and we can talk about it here. You can email me or follow me on twitter!

Thanks again guys! Talk to you soon.




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