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What’s the tea with 21?

Less than two months after 21 Savage dropped his latest album “I Am > I Was”, which not to mention spent some time on top of the Billboard chart, he was detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents for nearly two weeks. Now, this is old news, we have all known that 21 was detained and later proven to actually be born outside of the U.S.–the UK as a matter of fact. What we do not know is the latest on 21. Where is he? What legal troubles is he facing? And maybe the most important question: Will he be allowed to remain in the U.S.?

Since 21 Savage was released on $100,000 bond on February 13th his fate within the U.S. has been very questionable. Many fans have wondered whether he will be allowed to stay in America or if he will be deported back to England. Following his release, multiple attorneys on his legal team have also questioned if his detainment was politically motivated. 21 Savage’s newest album touches a lot on inequalities faced within the U.S. and challenges many American policies. Although 21 seems to have strong support, both within the entertainment industry and even Congress, the law still appears to be against him. 21 must now wait for his next hearing which could be anytime between now and next year.

21 has seemingly gone off the map following the only two interviews he’s done upon release which was on February 14th. The New York Times and “Good Morning America” were the last sources to hear from 21. That was the case until today when 21 announced a campaign idea to improve the lives of young people. The project known as 21 Savage Bank Account Campaign has partnered with non-profit organizations to ultimately enhance the financial understanding and education of thousands of kids around the nation. Although 21 may not be in the states legally, I feel it’s safe to say that he has been giving back to society in many positive ways. Aside from his recent jumpstart campaign his music has been inspiring many and revealing issues that affect countless Americans throughout the country.

While 21 Savage’s U.S. stay might be coming to an abrupt end, it might also just as well be extended. As mentioned, the rapper’s future in the States is still highly debatable and there is not enough information at this point to call if he’ll be leaving. Nevertheless, if 21 Savage has no prior criminal history while in the U.S., I see no reason to deport a young man who has worked his way up from the bottom and has used America’s music industry to his advantage for great success.


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