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Who Do I Love?


Everyone knows I’m probably one of the biggest Drake fans around, but I’m extremely disappointed in his new song with YG Who Do You Love? Besides the fact that Drake’s verse is “borrowed” from Rappin 4-Tay, the whole song sounds ridiculous! The setting is so awkward and the fact that nearly naked girls are making out is not what I was expecting. While I can admit that Drake is not the most credible artist in terms of what his lyrical content is, but I feel like generally he has an emotional, thought provoking message.

The fact that the video begins with some guy accusing his girlfriend of cheating is sending the worst message I ever have seen. Is shows that a woman who has males friends while having a boyfriend is a conflict. Who would endorse that? I’m sorry, but I might have to rethink my loyalty to Drake and the OVO crew.

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